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Frequency Capping Frequency Capping

Per user session, hour, day, week, month or lifetime of campaign.
Registration Data Targeting Registration Data Targeting

All information collected through registration can be targeted.

Daypart Targeting Daypart Targeting

Hour of Day, Day of Week.
Behavioural Targeting Behavioural Targeting

Targets users based on prior online behavior.

Content Targeting Content Targeting

Site, section, page, position on page.
Surround Session Surround Session

Ensure highly-targeted users receive messages exclusively throughout an entire site visit in different positions as they scroll from page to page.

Geo-Targeting Geo-Targeting

Country, Province and Postal code, CMA, Area Code.
Ad Sequencing Ad Sequencing

Serve ads in a specific order to tell a "story" and keep users engaged.

Bandwidth Targeting Bandwidth Targeting

DSL, Cable, LAN, Dial-up.

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